WEAV Studios is located in the heart of the Art District in Los Angeles, California. The 3,200 sqft. creative studio can be rented out for a variety of uses including photography, film, events, podcasts, and more. The studio has two large rooms, a commercial kitchen, and a state of the art podcast studio. The podcast studio is designed for generating premium podcast content in both audio and video. We accommodate all podcast sizes for recording and include  amenities like parking, kitchen, and lobby areas with all our rentals. In addition, WEAV can provide top quality production services in pre-production, production, and post-production at competitive rates.

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Studio Rental.

Our goal is to make your photography, videography, and events studio rental an amazing experience from start to finish. We have built our studios to take care of all your production needs from big to small, while providing the best service and solutions the industry has to offer.


WEAV has produced over 100 of the top podcasts featuring top tier talent. WEAV specializes in both video and audio podcasts of all genres, making WEAV one of the leaders in premium quality podcast content.

Pre to Post Production.

WEAV Podcasting Studio has experienced professionals who specialize in all areas of podcasting. Pre Production is one of the most important steps to creating your podcast. WEAV can assist you in everything from concept, artwork, marketing, and launch strategy.


WEAV are industry leaders in capturing simulcast video and audio podcasts in all genres from comedy to narrative. We use the latest equipment for recording both video and audio podcasts involving solo or groups.

WEAV's post production specialists will perfect the sound and visual aspects of your podcast for the world's consumption. All of our post production staff has experience working on some of the biggest shows in the industry on a regular basis. WEAV offers both hourly and flat competitive rates for Post Production.

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Need Help with Your Podcast?

WEAV is here to help you with your Pre Production, Production, and Post Production needs. Please email us if you need help outside of renting the studio. Thank You!

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